Friday, November 18, 2011

   Speaking of inspired by (that's my blog's title), Carolina gets the nod!  I've been able to get to know Carolina much better in the last few months, and the more I see, the more impressed I am.  She comes from a family of 4 children--she is the oldest living at home.  Her family came to the United States from Venezuela when Carolina was 4.  A year ago, Carolina's parents divorced and her dad returned to live in Venezuela.  Carolina's mom, Sandra, stayed here and is working hard to provide a home for her children.  Being a single mom is challenging enough.  But on top of that, their legal status expired long since. So she works for wages far below what she could earn and lives in fear every day that she'll be caught.
  Carolina attends UVU full time.  She is a motivated student and wants to get a teaching degree, which is a perfect fit for her.  She went to meet with the counselor and was told that she cannot apply for the education major because she doesn't have a social security card.  A big heavy door just slammed in her face.  Every thing she has been hoping and working for was just nixed.  When she told me, I just wanted to cry.
   But the inspiring thing about Carolina is her faith and hope.  Of course she gets discouraged, but only for a moment.  She draws strength from this well deep within and immediately starts to figure out a new path.  No matter how difficult things get for her, she testifies of God's love and watchful eye.  She looks forward with hope to a future with different opportunities.  She looks for miracles every day and she receives them and is thankful for them. 
   I'm inspired by her resilliency, her happy attitude, and her willingness to take what comes at her and make the best of it.  Sometimes when we're talking, I forget that she is 30 years younger than me because she is so wise.

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